About Our Foundation

We are Committed to providing America's sheepdogs with top notch support. We approach every officer/veteran with a focus on integrity, honor, and understanding. We are here for you!

Our board of directors are all service connected. This foundation is run by veterans, law enforcement and blue spouses.  We know the sacrifice and we are emotionally invested to give back

Our Mission and Value Statements

The mission of America's Defenders Foundation is quite simple; support those that give so much to our nation. We have an intense motivation to support disabled veteran's that have answered the call of duty to the United States and defended our nation's values and families. We have an equally intense motivation to support our nation's law enforcement officers. These men and women in uniform continue to support their communities and defend the values of this great nation. The service to our country from each group doesn't come without sacrifice to mind and body and we understand that. AmDef does what it can to honor the military and law enforcement service of our elite citizens.

Our History

America's Defenders Foundation was created in 2016 as a 501 c3 organization. The sole purpose of AmDef is to support the service of our nation's law enforcement and disabled veterans. This desire to give back dates back many years and is a common goal of our founders, Mike and Lailani Rumfield. Mike is a military veteran (non-combat) of the U.S. Army and has been an active law enforcement officer for almost 20 years. During that time he had the honor of serving as President of a local law enforcement association and the ability to serve our communities defenders had a strong pull. When it was time to relinquish his position locally he and Lailani wanted to continue serving and America's Defenders Foundation was born! Lailani is the daughter to an amazing U.S. Army combat veteran having served 4 years of duty in the Vietnam War. Growing up with her father she came to respect and honor the sacrifice that men and women in the military face, especially in war eras. Lailani has been standing side by side with Mike since 2002 supporting the local law enforcement community as well. Lailani has an incredible desire to support those that serve and that is evidenced by her demanding the first Thin Blue Line Ball be organized in 2015. Mike, being a smart husband, gave her a "yes, dear" and together they planned the first ball. Today the Thin Blue Line Ball brings law enforcement officers from all over Texas and farther. We have had California, Illinois, and New York officers attend and our goal is for all 50 states to be represented. That event continues to grow each year and is a staple event for America's Defenders Foundation to express our, Thank you, to our nation's heroes.