Children Of The Blue Line

    Next event coming August 24, 2019!

    The tragic loss of a law enforcement officer within the community is generally very emotional and profound. The outpouring of emotions and gratitude from the community is always encouraging and appreciated. We are cognizant that there is a grieving widow and/or family as the result of this tragedy and they are who we want to offer immediate support too. Many times people forget that compounded with the emotional destruction an event like this can inflict there is also the potential financial destruction an event like this can have. Funeral and/or memorial services can be very expensive and require immediate attention. Hotel services for incoming family members can be cost prohibitive as well. Simply eating might be to expensive given the family's financial state; especially given the family's income is going to change. These are brutal realities many widows face in times of such emotional horror that it can be overwhelming.

    America's Defenders Foundation assists families of the fallen with dedicated meal trains to ensure enough food is available for the affected family. We also are cognizant that much of the help families of the fallen will receive from many associations, unions, and additional charities will slowly go back to business as usual and/or move on to the next family needing help. This is why we have created the Children of the Blue Line program. This program is designed to get families of the fallen, specifically children of the fallen, together at a sporting event or entertainment venue. The idea is to offer a fun light hearted event for kids and widows to enjoy hopefully talk to each other with the motivation they recognize each of them knows what they all have gone through. It is this commonality that we hope turns into long term communication and a organically grown support network to help get everyone through a traumatic and difficult tragedy. We, additionally, hope that each of these families will know that they will forever be apart of the Blue Family and are not forgotten when everyday life takes back over and the world moves on.